Steel bathtub XD-2001

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  • 型号: XD-2001

Steel Enamel Bathtub XD2001


 Steel material & enameled

 Could be used for a long time & Gentle sight

 Quiet shower enviroment & easy to clean

 High-temperature processed smooth enameled surface


 Designed for wonderful shower feeling.


 With Antislip & drain hole & overflow hole

 NameSteel enamel Bathtubs


Popular Size: 1000x700x360mm,1200x700x360mm,1300x700x360mm,1400x700x360mm,1500x700x360mm,1600x700x360mm,1700x700x360mm

 Material: Steel & enameled

 Color: White | Ivory| Blue|Red | Apricot

 Optional Thickness:0.9mm| 1.0mm | 1.2mm | 1.5mm

 Remark:Produced according to customers’request

 Theoretical weight: according to the size and shickness

  The specification is under standard test condition.

    Min order is 100pcs for single item

  Delivery time is according to customer’s quantity and ourordersarrangement Generally is 40days.

  Actual loading quantity is 5% more or less compared with theoretical quantity.