Cast iron bathtub XD-1001

Cast iron bathtub XD-1001.High quality cast iron bathtub manufacturer in china,cast iron bathtub factory offer you best quality with competitive price.

  • 型号: XD-1001

Cast iron bathtub XD1001

 Cast Iron Material

 Could be used for a long time & Gentle sight

 Quiet shower enviroment & easy to clean

 Highly anti-Satatch and wear

 Hard to fade

 acid & alkali high temperature resistant



 Designed for wonderful shower feeling.


 Name  Cast Iron bathtub

 Size: 1000x700x390mm  1200x700x390/420mm  1300x700x390/420mm  1400x700x390/420mm  1500x700x390/420 1600x700x390/420mm     1700x700x390/420mm 

 Remark:Produced according to customers’request

 Theoretical weight: according to the size and shickness

▲ The specification is under standard test condition.

     Min order is 50pcs for single item

     Delivery time is according to customer’s quantity and our orders arrangement & in 30days